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The Academy of New Science Europe is an umbrella organization for high education in New Science.
It is the intention of The Academy, to provide the highest level of education with all its seminars and also for all its trainers and instructors.
The Academy of New Science Europe wants to create a bridge of understanding between the "Old Science" and many new techniques and methods which are successful although there is no accepted Theory how they work.

The bylaws and the conditions of membership of The Academy will follow here soon.

In the beginning it is important to emphasize, that sometimes the work of The Academy is in the realm of an art, because there is no way to bring up automatically the same results, even doing the same actions under the same conditions - as it is the necessary specification for scientific experiments.
Nevertheless it is worth to start to practice and to learn and to go deep into these New Science themes.
Therefore The Academy is not only something like a Medical school, it is more, it is the serious attempt to do basic research for a lot of methods, which now are not accepted by the science, because of a lack of a scientific theory.
Gerhard H.J. Fruhmann M.A.

Director of the Academy of New Science - Europe 

How to begin to understand the New Science?
Maybe it is helpfull to read some books about this topic:


Academy for the Art of Research & Transformation Ltd.
Consulting, development & training limited
The work of the Academy for the Art of Research & Transformation covers a wide realm of themes:

But there ist just "one" behind all: perfection...

Perfection is the background of consciousness and in the ability to learn more - without any limits and without any end.
 Why someone should start to learn?

Because no-one has survived this planet and so far it is important to look a little bit behind the szene.
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